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CroydonPool.com - The CDPL Online Community :: Croydon & District Pool League :: Winter League
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CDPL - One League Fits All?
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Posted on 08-02-2018 10:31
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Posts: 1804
Joined: 10.09.07

There was discussion under AOB in relation to the proposed amalgamation of the Winter and Summer Leagues into a combined league running solely on Tuesday evenings for approximately 30 weeks of the year (league and league cup) followed by the Knockouts (Singles/Doubles/KO Cup) at the end of the season.

Given that it was largely only the team secretaries and committee members at the meeting I thought we could use this thread to share thoughts, benefits, pitfalls etc. and help the committee to work through what is necessary to bring about this change.
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Posted on 08-02-2018 12:37
Must Get Out More

Posts: 578
Joined: 05.10.07

The League would in fact run for 50 weeks with a 2 week Christmas break and a 2-3 weeks break between seasons. The League and League Cup (Stage 1) fixtures would be played for the first 31 weeks with the remaining 20 weeks being used for all KO competitions (including the KO stage of the League Cup). This example is based on our current 2017/18 programme

Tue 16-Oct-18 LEAGUE - 01 1
Tue 23-Oct-18 LEAGUE - 02 2
Tue 30-Oct-18 LEAGUE - 03 3
Tue 6-Nov-18 LGE CUP 1-1 4
Tue 13-Nov-18 LEAGUE - 04 5
Tue 20-Nov-18 LEAGUE - 05 6
Tue 27-Nov-18 LEAGUE - 06 7
Tue 4-Dec-18 LGE CUP 1-2 8
Tue 11-Dec-18 LEAGUE - 07 9
Tue 18-Dec-18 LEAGUE - 08 10
Tue 25-Dec-18 NO FIXTURE 11
Tue 1-Jan-19 NO FIXTURE 12
Tue 8-Jan-19 LEAGUE - 09 13
Tue 15-Jan-19 LGE CUP 1-3 14
Tue 22-Jan-19 LEAGUE - 10 15
Tue 29-Jan-19 LEAGUE - 11 16
Tue 5-Feb-19 LEAGUE - 12 17
Tue 12-Feb-19 LGE CUP 1-4 18
Tue 19-Feb-19 LEAGUE - 13 19
Tue 26-Feb-19 LEAGUE - 14 20
Tue 5-Mar-19 LEAGUE - 15 21
Tue 12-Mar-19 LGE CUP 1-5 22
Tue 19-Mar-19 LEAGUE - 16 23
Tue 26-Mar-19 LEAGUE - 17 24
Tue 2-Apr-19 LEAGUE - 18 25
Tue 9-Apr-19 LGE CUP 1-6 26
Tue 16-Apr-19 LEAGUE - 19 27
Tue 23-Apr-19 LEAGUE - 20 28
Tue 30-Apr-19 LEAGUE - 21 29
Tue 7-May-19 LEAGUE - 22 30
Tue 14-May-19 LGE CUP 1-7 31
Tue 21-May-19 SGLS KO - 1 32
Tue 28-May-19 DBLS KO - 1 33
Tue 4-Jun-19 K/O CUP - 1 34
Tue 11-Jun-19 LGE CUP - QF 35
Tue 18-Jun-19 SGLS KO - 2 36
Tue 25-Jun-19 DBLS KO - 2 37
Tue 2-Jul-19 K/O CUP - 2 38
Tue 9-Jul-19 LGE CUP - SF 39
Tue 16-Jul-19 SGLS KO - 3 40
Tue 23-Jul-19 DBLS KO - 3 41
Tue 30-Jul-19 K/O CUP - QF 42
Tue 6-Aug-19 SGLS KO - 4 43
Tue 13-Aug-19 DBLS KO - QF 44
Tue 20-Aug-19 K/O CUP - SF 45
Tue 27-Aug-19 SGLS KO - QF 46
Tue 3-Sep-19 DBLS KO - SF 47
Tue 10-Sep-19 SGLS KO - SF 48
Tue 17-Sep-19 LGE CUP FINAL 49
Tue 24-Sep-19 KO FINALS 50

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Posted on 08-02-2018 14:07
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Home From Home

Posts: 394
Joined: 02.10.07

i'm a big fan of making it tuesday only as mondays are a bind but think the league should run for the whole duration, otherwise some players/teams will have nothing from may to october
I don't think there's a lot wrong with the current order of things

i.e. make the last league game 10th sept;
Tue 17-Sep-19 LGE CUP FINAL 49
Tue 24-Sep-19 KO FINALS 50
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Posted on 08-02-2018 15:20
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Posts: 1804
Joined: 10.09.07

Funny you should say that Andy because it was having the knockouts at then end that appealed to many of the secretaries at the meeting last night!

From my perspective I now know that next August I can go on a fortnight's holiday during the school holidays and not be leaving my team short of players.

Another thing that was discussed on the night was the potential for there to be some weekend events such as Divisional Singles/League Open etc.
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Posted on 08-02-2018 18:55
User Avatar

Home From Home

Posts: 394
Joined: 02.10.07

that surprises me, i always thought people liked a regular night out, at least they did with the singles league

for me the main event is the League so everything else should work around that and other then the cup finals should be the last event

the divisional singles was a good event, decent races and on the same day
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Posted on 09-02-2018 08:29
Must Get Out More

Posts: 578
Joined: 05.10.07

The Summer League was introduced back in the early 1980's as people thought at the time that the gap between June & September was too long to wait for a new season to start and as the years went by in grew to be on a par with the Winter League membership. As we all know for the last 5-8 years both Leagues numbers have diminished for a number of reasons but there still remains a hardcore of interest to keep the League alive and so going back to a one season scenario may not be to everyones liking its better than a zero season which, at current membership levels, would not be too far into the future. I'm not saying that this will happen but a shake up of the league every now and again may attract new interest as like the change from a single 7 frame match to the current 11 frame match made up 3 sets. I'm not saying that this would be a saviour but its obvious that something has to be tweeked for us to remain solvent. Early days yet and still some work involved by all to achieve a happy medium for the majority of the membership.
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