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CroydonPool.com is the online community site for the both the Croydon & District Pool League and all forms of pool played in and around the Croydon area.

Registration on CroydonPool.com constitutes an agreement to the following Terms & Conditions . .

Language & Abusive Behaviour

Although ?banter? is very much encouraged, personal attacks and extreme amounts of abusive language is not permitted. If a member of the Site Team deems your actions to be personally offensive towards others, your post(s) will be removed without warning and a PM sent to you explaining why. Repeated instances of the above will result in your user account being suspended for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Site Team, followed by a permanent ban for subsequent instances.


If you wish to advertise an event on CroydonPool.com, please submit an article prior to posting it on the forums. The site carries an RSS Feed which requires the support of its users to submit articles on the site. The Site Team are not responsible for going out and finding the news! If you have time to submit a thread on the site you have enough time to submit an article. If you have any problems with regards to submitting articles please get in touch with a member of the Site Team as they will be only too happy to review and edit the article if required. Please do not be surprised if your thread is removed if you haven?t submitted an article to back your thread up. A request will be put in by the site team if a thread exists without an article and will be removed if an article isn?t submitted within 24 hours.

General Posting Guidelines

Please post your topic to one forum only. If it needs to be moved, alert a Moderator by PM. Use meaningful subject titles in the forum and messages which give information about your posting or PM. Do not use subjects like "Help! I'm lost".

Please do not under any circumstances post your thread title in CAPITAL LETTERS.


Please stay on topic. Ensure you post your topic in the correct forum. For general conversation, please use the General Discussion forum.


Please use proper judgment when choosing an avatar. We like to promote a family atmosphere, and avatars that disrupt this will be removed.


Do not link to adult sites, do not have offensive content or big images.

Signature Image

Use of images no larger than 468px in width and 60px in height (standard banner) for your signature is permitted.

Font Sizes and Formatting

Please do not change the font size of the signature text to a larger size than the postings text. Feel free to use formatting options (underlining, bold, italic, colours).


Links to sites that contain pornography are not permitted, and adult content oriented links should be clearly marked as such if you must link to that for any particular purpose.


There isn't such a thing as a stupid question. All questions have to be treated equally. Do not speak down to people. We all started as new users at some point - always keep that fact in mind when responding to a question.

Be Constructive

Think of how you can contribute to CroydonPool.com rather than what you can get from it. We will go nowhere, if the members here are all too busy maintaining their own ideas or their status.

These points are here to help enhance the online experience for our users. If you feel that there is any issue you wish to bring up with regards to these rules or users not adhering to them, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the site team to discuss further.

Kind Regards

CroydonPool.com Site Team

First Revision - 7th July 2008


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Ben and Rod
Ben and Rod
2005 CroydonPool.com Open
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Congratulations TO LUKE WILSHER STEVE DEEGAN Both making it into the, 2018 Surrey county squad Sunday applause dancing dancing